International Exhibitors and Competitors

International Exhibitors/Competitor Prize Money Information

Anyone entering Canada must have a valid Passport.

Non-residents of Canada will be subject to a 15% withholding tax on all
prize monies awarded as required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
Non-residents of Canada may apply to the CRA to have the 15% withholding tax returned.  To file a claim with the CRA, complete and submit the following information:

 Canada Revenue Agency Non Withholding Tax Return Information



Health Requirements - Importation of Animals from the United States (General):

Please refer to the CFIA website for the most up to date information on import/export regulations. Contact your Veterinarian to discuss your travel plans.  Only Veterinarians who are Licensed in their State and Accredited with the USDA are authorized to sign Health Certificates for international travel.


You will need to fill out an application for import for animals requiring veterinary inspection at the border. The import paper application must be done in advance and submitted to our entries office. Since we are the importer, we will submit the application to the CFIA. Once approved, we will forward you the import permit.

The following is important information when filling out the application for import:

  • Click here to go to the CFIA website to download an Application for Permit to Import (CFIA 5083) document (at bottom of page)
  • Importer: Calgary Stampede 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1
  • Contact Name for Importer: Tammy Botsford  Phone: 403-261-9316 Fax: 403-410-4549 Email:
  • Exporter: Your Name
  • Section 4 Details: 
    • Importer details: routing box is asking how you're travelling (via truck & trailer, liner, air, etc) and from where to where
    • Description, Purpose, Quantity: this needs full details of animal (name, registration number, age, etc)
  • SEND COMPLETED APPLICATIONS TO: or fax 403-410-4549.

For information regarding transporting horses in Alberta please see:

Transporting Horses in Alberta

Alberta Livestock Transportation Documents

For complete information see Health Regulations

If you require clarification or you have concerns about the previous information, please contact the Agriculture Entries Office at (403) 261-0320.

American Port of Entry - Sweetgrass, Montana (406) 335-2142 -
Canadian Port of Entry - Coutts, Alberta (403) 344-3808 -


Visitor Information

  • For information on visiting Calgary and the Calgary Stampede please click here.
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*Please note there is no overnight stalling on Stampede Park available to non-exhibitors.** For a list of available facilities offering stalling please click here